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What happens when a world wide epidemic shuts down ministry? We go online! Thats right ReThink people, this Podcast IS ReThink! So listen to the show, then call up someone to talk about the questions at the end so we can stay connected, challenged, and growing as a young adult ministry through this time!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 10 - 1st John 5

    Open up your bible as we finish off the book of 1st John! We hope you have enjoyed the show and can't wait to see you on Monday's at 7 for our summer campfires! ∣|∣ How do you become adopted into God’s family? ...


  2. Episode 9 - 1st John 4

    Hope you had a great memorial day! Open up to John 4 and read with us, then join the conversation by discussing the questions at the end with a friend! ∣|∣ How do you test the spirits?  Why is it important to be ...


  3. Episode 8 - 1st John 3

    Open up your bibles to 1st John chapter three, then get ready to talk throught the questions with a freind! Do you consider yourself God’s child? What does it look like to fully realize being a child of God? Read verse ...


  4. Episode 7 - 1st John 2

    Open up your bibles to 1st John Chapter 2! Glad you could join us this week, here are the questions: What stood out to you from 1 John 2? How has 1 John related to Ephesians so far? What was the ...


  5. Episode 6 - 1st John 1

    Now that we have finished reading through the book of Ephesians, we are now going to get into 1st John! Join with us as we read chapter 1 and then call up a freind to talk about the questions! How have you seen and heard God’s word ...